AGPR urged to expedite process of revised pensions

Islamabad, Oct 9: The Association for Welfare of Retired Persons (AWRP) in its Executive Committee meeting held under the chairmanship of its President Pervaiz Ahmed Butt called upon the AGPR to expedite the process of revised pensions cases and calculating arrears of those pensioners who have reached the age of 75 years in the light of decision of apex court to revise pensions after giving all the increases being drawn at present by the pensioners on the restored portion of commuted pension.

The AWRP requested the concerned section of government financial institution to put enough manpower to cope with this problem. The meeting observed that decision of the apex court has given a sigh of relief to the retired employees who are 75 years old or above.

The executive committee felt that delay in revised pension cases and arrears is due to the shortage of staff in AGPR and AG offices of province. It merit mentioning here that old pensioners were able to get all increases given by the government from time to time on the commuted portion of pension restored after 15 years i.e. at the aged 75 years.

The apex court upheld the decision of Federal Services Tribunal, Islamabad, dated 05-01-2012 vide judgment dated 24-04-12 and start giving relief from July 1, 2013 due to non-availability of funds in the financial years 2012-13. The finance ministry clarified that unforeseen expenses for such pensioner were not maintained.

Now the pensioners falling in this category are getting revised pensions and arrears, but pace of this process requires momentum, the EC added. Since the AWRP is the registered representative bodies of all pensioners belong to Federal government and provincial governments pensioners therefore it called upon the provincial governments or finance departments to expedite the cases of said pensioners at the earliest.

The provincial government pensioners who have attained the age of 75 years and their commuted pension has been restored are not getting revised pension and arrears on one excuse or the other. The denial of said relief is an attempt not to implement the judgment of apex court. This act will have its own repercussion on head of government besides creating dismay among the government servants which would definite bring decline in their performance.

The AWRP advised the pensioners who are applying for revised pensions and arrears to attach Performa on Rs50 judicial paper as an undertaking, which is available with AGPR/Treasure offices stamp paper vendors.

Published by Daily The News on Oct 9, 2013

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